Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the Keurig® Brewing System?

We recommend you work with our network of Keurig® Authorised Distributors (KADs). Typically, distributor pricing is based on several factors, including the number of employees, number of beverages consumed per day and other products ordered. Depending on your workplace’s specific situation, brewer(s) are often loaned or leased for a reasonable monthly fee, by one of our distributors.

How do I get a Keurig® Brewing System for my workplace?

All of our office brewing systems are available through Keurig® Authorised Distributors, who can install and service the brewer that fits your needs. Simply complete our FREE Trial form and a distributor will contact you shortly to provide you with a brewer and K-Cup® pods to try absolutely free!

How can I become a business-to-business distributor of Keurig® Brewing Systems?

Keurig® chooses its distributors based upon several criteria, including commitment to customer service, an established customer base, equipment service capabilities and location. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor for the office coffee service, please contact for more information.

Our office has a malfunctioning Keurig® brewer. Whom can we contact about it?

Contact your Keurig® Authorised Distributor for assistance.

What process is used to decaffeinate the coffee?

We offer coffees that are both decaffeinated by a direct process and decaffeinated by a water process. The ‘water process’ method that we use for our organic coffees relies upon a ‘broth’ of coffee solubles that saturate the beans, and which is then filtered through a charcoal media that selectively extracts the caffeine.

The ‘direct process’ decaffeination uses a variety of FDA-approved solvents (other than just water). These solvents are normally methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. The caffeine is bonded to the solvents and extracted from the coffee after it has been steam-heated. The caffeine and solvents are then washed away and the coffee is re-dried.

Are the K-Cup® pods kosher?

Most K-Cup® pods are Kosher Certified Pareve. The only exceptions are hot cocoa K-Cup® pods, which are certified Kosher-Dairy. When a hot cocoa K-Cup® pod is brewed in a Keurig® brewer, the brewer converts from Kosher Pareve to Kosher-Dairy, and any subsequent K-Cups brewed in this brewer would be classified Kosher-Dairy. If you want your Keurig® brewer to remain Kosher Pareve, you’ll need a second Keurig® brewer for brewing hot cocoa K-Cup® pods. Just using a second K-Cup holder will not keep the brewer Kosher Pareve.

Below are the specific organisations that pertain to our K-Cup® pod brands. The abbreviations below found in “quotations” are the symbols we use to represent a kosher product. These symbols can be found on the K-Cup® pods detail page, the K-Cup® pods box and on the lid of the K-Cup® pods.

-‘U’ (Orthodox Union) pertains to: Caribou Coffee® K-Cup® pods, Donut House Collection™ K-Cup® pods, Green Mountain Coffee® K-Cup® pods, Newman’s Own® Organics K-Cup<sup>® pods, Perfect Iced Tea K-Cup® pods, select revv™ K-Cup® pods, select Tully’s® K-Cup® pods, and Twinings® of London K-Cup® pods
-‘KSA’ (Kosher Supervision of America) pertains to: Coffee People® K-Cups, Diedrich K-Cup® pods, Emeril’s® K-Cup® pods, Gloria Jean’s K-Cup® pods and Timothy’s Coffee<sup>®</sup> K-Cup® pods
-‘K’ (Star-K) pertains to: Celestial Seasonings® K-Cup® pods
-‘MK’ (Jewish Community Council of Montreal) pertains to: Bigelow K-Cups and Van Houtte K-Cup® pods
-‘K’ (Va’ad HaRabanim) pertains to: Tully’s® K-Cup® pods
-‘KOF-K’ (Kosher Supervision) pertains to: Ghirardelli Packets

What allergens are contained in your K-Cup® pods?

Flavoured coffee K-Cup® pods made by Green Mountain Coffee® do not contain any nut proteins. The coffees are all flavoured in separate vats from the non-flavoured coffees. Even though there are no nut proteins used, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters performs a thorough clean-down between flavours during the production process.

Chocolate beverage K-Cups® may contain milk, soy or tree nuts, so please refer to the K-Cup® pods detail page for specific nutritional information about a hot chocolate K-Cup® pod.

Additionally, all coffee and tea K-Cup® pods are egg-, dairy- and gluten-free.

How much caffeine is in the coffee?

Coffee contains between 75 and 150 mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup, depending on the roasting strength and other factors. It is difficult to measure the nutritional content of coffee, because it varies depending on many things. Generally, the darker the coffee is roasted, the less caffeine it contains.

Almost all decaffeinated coffees still contain some caffeine. The international standard by which decaffeinated coffee is characterised is by having at least 97% of the caffeine removed. Decaf coffee should fall somewhere in the range of 2 to 4 mg per 8 oz cup. For more detailed information, we recommend contacting the roaster directly.

Do any of your K-Cup® pods contain gluten?

All of the coffees offered in K-Cup® pods are gluten-free, and free of gluten by-products.

Is there any fat or sugar in your K-Cup® pods?

Coffee and tea K-Cup® pods do not contain fat or sugar. Natural and artificial flavourings added to coffee do not add any significant nutritional value. A cup of regular black coffee will contain approximately 2–4 calories (less than 1 gram carbohydrates) and 0 fats. Flavoured coffees will add 0.8 calories, 0.3 gram carbohydrates and 0 fats.

Are K-Cup® pods recyclable?

The challenge of protecting the freshness of roasted coffee while using environmentally friendly packaging is one that both Keurig® and the coffee industry are committed to overcoming. We are very sensitive about the waste created by the K-Cup® pods and are investigating alternative materials. Finding a solution for this is a priority for us, and one we hope to have before long.

How long are the K-Cup® pods good for?

Each K-Cup® pod has a Best-Used-by-Date imprinted on the side. The Best-Used-by-Date is a guideline for optimal freshness recommended by the roaster; it’s not an expiration date. K-Cup® pods are nitrogen-flushed, sealed for freshness and impermeable to oxygen, moisture and light.

Can K-Cup® pods be used more than once?

K-Cup® pods are intended to be used only once. Most of the flavour has already been extracted from the grounds when first brewed.

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